Regardless of what side your business might fall on during a "K recovery," your Executive team is likely faced with heavy and unprecedented decisions regarding your company and your team.

Traditional models of leadership simply were not built to handle the challenges that come with a pandemic. Whether your business is robust and growing aggressively or you are damage controlling the losses, you and your team have likely been affected…

Consider these trends in today's market:

  • Leaders and business owners have collapsed windows of time for decision making; change is needed at hyper-speed
  • The new climate is driving constant pivots and there is a lot of internal resistance to folks "getting on board"
  • There are currently higher amounts of stress and anxiety than most people have experienced in their lifetime
  • Leaders are managing more stress than they are used to
  • Employees with kids at home are conflicted in how to manage their career and still be present for their family. It's a juggling act that no one was prepared for
  • As a result, employees are working more non-typical hours, including evenings and weekends. Any semblance of life balance has been massively disrupted

Chris Yonker has over 20 years of experience working at 3M leading teams responsible for over 9 figures in sales and driving change, and ten years in the consulting arena transforming business leaders. When combined with his 30 years of martial arts and mindset training, Chris has been able to incorporate this mastery into a one-of-a-kind alchemy that addresses these key historic issues.

This is not your "same old" workshop. You'll learn the advanced strategies of high performing individuals from elite athletes to business phenoms and what is different about the mindsets of the companies who grow even during recessions.

We will discuss:

  • Strategies to drive conscious decision making that is not based in fear of failure
  • Why pushing through your challenges won’t lead you where you want to go
  • A scientific strategy to lower stress with your leadership team before critical decision making
  • How to build resilience as you adapt to an ever-changing landscape
  • AND MORE!!

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About Chris

Chris Yonker is a father, husband, martial artist, and world-leading mentor for high achievers. As a seventh-degree black belt, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and thought-leader on Personal Performance, Chris has created a signature methodology that assists clients in achieving extraordinary results in their lives and careers.

Chris's work centers around helping entrepreneurs, family business owners, athletes, and celebrities expand their consciousness and capacity for fulfillment. His work as a performance and career alchemist helps clients move beyond the illusions that are hindering their fulfillment and allows them to take quantum leaps in their transformation.
Chris and his wife, Jolie, live on the New England seacoast and spend their time operating multiple businesses and building a life that is focused on family, travel, and exploring the world with their young daughter.